The Resources added on The Hub are from many PWOC ladies for you to use and tweak as needed to help lead your PWOCs.
Nothing is required.  Edit them to suit your needs.

Links to other places on the internet do not belong to The Hub.  You will need appropriate permissions to duplicate/manipulate those resources.

Selected Board Positions

Appointed Board Positions

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 Private Networking Groups

These groups are designed to be networking resources with other ladies serving in those positions throughout the military.  Ladies serving in those positions navigate to those pages and request to join the group. They will be asked where they serve and who they are replacing so that the admin team can keep up with all the changes at once. 

Admins are in the groups, who don’t necessarily serve in those positions, to help keep the structure of the networking groups.

All requests to join will generate a Facebook Personal Message which must be replied to by the one who will join the group. Often these PM’s go to the “Message Requests” or “Filtered” messages, which generally only can be found on desktops or laptops, not on smaller devices. Please check there within 3-5 days of requesting to join.  This process is designed to provide group security. We want to avoid online trolls. We also want to have direct communication and therefore direct permission to include women in their respective PWOC groups. Thanks from the Admins of the groups.

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                   Special Project Groups                   
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Don’t see your position networking group here?
We’ve put together best practices for starting and maintaining networking groups HERE.