We Thought You’d Like To Know

What is The Hub?

The HUB is an unofficial site for sharing PWOC resources, old and new.

Who runs The Hub?

The HUB is run by team of individual volunteers (interested?) who post resources as people submit them. Many of the items from what used to be the “Resource Library” on pwoc.org (whose domain has expired) can be found here.

What happened to pwoc.org?

Pwog.org was part of “PWOC International” whose leadership came from the Army Chief of Chaplains. Leadership over PWOC has now been transferred to the senior chaplain on any given military installation.

Do we have permission to post old resources on the Hub?

Yes! As PWOC International was being decentralized, explicit permission was given to freely network and share as individuals. If there is ever any question about activity within PWOC, it should be directed to the local installation chaplain.

Is there a Facebook page for PWOC?

There might be a Facebook page for a PWOC on any given installation, subject to the local installation chaplain’s approval, but there is no centralized site for PWOC.  We have a PWOC locator listed on the“Where’s My PWOC” page.  Check it out.

Is there a Pinterest page for PWOC?

There are many! As individuals pin their ideas for local programs, etc., more and more such pages seem to be popping up.  New Pinterest sites for The Hub will be ready soon. Keep checking back for site details.  Again, all such sites are freely run by individuals without a formal affiliation.