Current home state Kim lives in: Roanoke, VA

Distance Kim is willing to travel: Willing to drive up to 250 miles.

Willing to fly anywhere as long as travel expense is covered.
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Past PWOC Executive Board Training Experience

I have trained over eighty local PWOC boards – too many to individually itemize- and have trained every local PWOC board position. That extensive background is due to my service as a PWOC “Traveling Trainer” every year from that previous program’s inception in year 2000 through its final year in 2012. Each year I trained at least five local installations and after moving into service on the National and then International Board (serving as VP for Traveling Training for PWOC USA/ 2002-2004, President of PWOC-International /2004-2006 and International Advisor 2006-2008) I trained as many as seven each year. I have continued to train local boards the past two years. In Summer 2014, I trained three boards at a group training hosted by Ft. Leavenworth in June and five boards from the Tidewater area in Virginia at a group training hosted by Langley AFB in July .
My favorite positions to train are President, Spiritual Life and Programs but I am capable of training entire boards.

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Type of Trainer
President                    Spiritual Life                    Programs       

Financial Liaison                    Administrative Coordinator                    Any  X  

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Willing and able to be guest speaker:  YES  

Yes, I have extensive speaking experience and have served as the Keynote Speaker at numerous retreats and conferences.

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Sample Speaking topics:

Walking in Unity
Seeking God’s Will
Abiding in Christ
New Beginnings/ Transformation
“Word of God Speak” / Hearing God’s Voice Through His Word
The Fullness of Time/ God’s Plan for the Ages
Christ, Our Kinsman Redeemer
Reflect and Repent
Further Still/ Greater Intimacy with the Lord
“Living Letters”/ The Power of Personal Testimony
Conflict Resolution
Spiritual Leadership
The Daily Call
Joy in the Face of Adversity
Maintaining a Positive Attitude/ Phil. 4:8