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Current State Lauren lives in: Wiesbaden, Germany

Distance Lauren is willing to travel:  Up to 250 miles or will fly anywhere if reimbursement is possible.

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Past PWOC Executive Board Training Experience

Date / Installation / Position(s)

Wiesbaden, Germany 2018-19 – Leadership Training Coordinator
Aberdeen Proving Ground 2016
– Programs, facilitated leadership training for the new board
Fort Benning 2014-2015 – Bible Study Teacher/Facilitator

Fort Benning 2014 – General Trainer partnering with the Advising Chaplain – trained the Board as a group using The Hub workshops PWOC 101, 201, Self-Awareness, Balance, Trust-Fall, Effective Communication, and the Unoffendable Heart.

Fort Benning 2013-14 – President – In the absence of PWOCI leadership training that year, I used 2/3 the Board meeting each month as business and the other 1/3 as leadership training tailoring the Hub Workshops to 25 minutes (Dealing With Discouragement, Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, Self-Awareness, Servant Leadership, Teambuilding) as well as some I put together to teach goal setting/measurement myself.

February, 2013 and current – Created/Manage
Aberdeen Proving Ground 2016-17 – Co-President, 2nd VP Programs, Bible Study Facilitator
Aberdeen Proving Ground 2015-16 – Leadership Training Coordinator, Bible Study Facilitator
Fort Benning 2014-15 – Bible Study Teacher
Fort Benning 2013-14
Fort Benning 2012-13 – Publicity
Nov.2012- Feb. 2013 – 3rd VP Communications PWOCI (last 3rd VP before the transition to all local PWOCs)
Daegu, Korea 2009-11 – President, Area 4 PWOC/Bible Study Teacher
Yongsan 2010 – Admin. Trainer for Japan and Korea WILD
Fort Bliss 2010 – PWOCI WILD Train The Trainer
Fort Benning 2007-2009 – VP Programs/Publicity/Newsletter
Fort Campbell 2004-2006 – Newsletter/Publicity/Bible Study Facilitator
Illesheim, Germany 2000-2003 – Hospitality/Bible Study Facilitator
Fort Drum 1996-98 – Praise and Worship Leader

*I am comfortable tailoring workshops to themes and helping with graphics.

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Type of Trainer

President          Spiritual Life          Programs       
Financial Liaison          Administrative Coordinator          Any   X   

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Willing and able to be guest speaker:   YES   

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*Training President, VP Programs, and Administrative Coordinator are my favorite positions to train but leadership training, in general, is one of my passions.  I am happy to train the Board in general training as well.

Sample Speaking topics:
The Attributes of Mentors/Leaders
The Armor of God in Everyday Life
Goal Setting / Creating Vision
The Impact of Leadership
Resting In The Body (Leadership Exhaustion)
Treasures of The Heart (Biblical Perspectives verses Cultural Habits/Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes)
Leaving a Legacy of Faith
The Heart as the Wellspring of Life
Publicity, the Internet, and Social Media
Team Building and Networking
Big Picture Planning
Any training workshops found on The Hub