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Download the Women’s Ministry Manual HERE

Download the Women’s Ministry Manual HERE

Training and/or Kickoff Tools

These slides and activities can be used in training to help ladies identify with the rich heritage we have in PWOC.

Just click on the ones you want to use.

Vintage Training Logo Slides

PWOC History

Scavenger Hunt

How Well
Do You Know PWOC?

Leader and Participant workshops on the Hub Workshops page

(only a few of over 30)

Helpful Articles On Christian Leadership

There are many articles throughout the internet on leadership. Here are just a few.

Personality Tests and the Christian – RedeemingProductivity.com
The need for vision and strategy – tools4trenches.net
The Impact Of Good And Bad Leaders – barna.org
Ten Types Of Christian Leadership – chritianitytoday.com
What Makes Christian Leadership – ministrymatters.com
Raising up Leaders In The Church – thegospelcoalition.org

The Cravings Beneath Your Conflict – desiringgod.org
Four Leadership Lessons/Nehemiah – thevillagechurch.net
Is Your Theology Your Idolotry – desiringgod.org
Leaders Who Last – thegospelcoalition.org
Sisters, Beware the Cloning Wars – thegospelcoalition.org

Archived W.I.L.D. Training Videos from PWOCI


Leadership Stress



Unity #1

Unity #2

Unity #3

Unity #4

Be Still And Know

W.I.L.D. Training 2012

Helpful Books On Christian Leadership

(all have electronic editions)

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