If you struggle with an upcoming or recent move, or you feel “stuck” and haven’t been able to feel at home in your surroundings…don’t worry. You are not alone. Help is here with Just Moved. You see, we don’t just help once and let you go. Instead, we provide continued support and encouragement no matter what season of life you are in. Our website offers resources to cope with challenges, emotions, and losses you may be experiencing.  We may also be able to connect you with a church or someone in your new area who understands how difficult a move can be.

Through personal contact, Moving On After Moving In groups, free online resources, books, videos, seminars, conferences and prayer support, the staff and volunteers of Just Moved strive to equip and encourage women just like you. Our outreach continues to be a beacon of light and hope to those who relocate around the world. Through our ministry, God’s transforming love and the impact of His word, we are reaching thousands of people in churches, neighborhoods, military installations, seminaries, and corporations throughout the world.
As you browse our web site, be sure to check out my blog and devotional, moving tips, moving stories by other movers like you, and other helpful resources. May your heart be encouraged!

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Carol Stratton

As a frequent mover (and Boy Oh Boy don’t I wish moving companies offered frequent miles), I am here to help you navigate through one of the most difficult and challenging situations of life: relocation. So, if you are tired of family members joking about your address changes, or you’re planning that first move out of your parents’ home, I am here to help. I will have tips and articles on everything from making new friends, to getting your house “showing ready”. Moving is hard but change is exhilarating. There are great things in your future. Be of good cheer.

Carol’s first book, Finding Community Wherever You Are has just been released through Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas and is now available on Amazon.com for Kindle or paperback!Picture1

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