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Download The Women’s Ministry Manual HERE

Board Statement Of Commitment                        Task Vs Relationship Resource            Vision 

PWOC Weekly Meetings                                        Healthy Priorities                                   Vision/Mission Statement

Board Meetings                                                      PWOC Sunday                                        Sample President’s Timeline

Startup Checklist                                                    Leading                                                    Matthew 18 Correction/Reconciliation

PWOC 101

President General Info – Heart and Hand Revised                                                                              

Building Team and Assessing Needs

Working With Chaplains

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Private Networking Groups for PWOC Board Positions

• These groups are designed to be networking resources with other ladies serving in those positions throughout the military.
•Ladies serving in those positions navigate to those pages and request to join the group. They will be asked where you serve and who you are replacing so that the admin team can keep up with all the changes at once.

President’s Networking Group
Spiritual Life
Administrative Coordinator
Titus 2

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Survey Help

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