Current State Rebeca lives in: San Antonio TX

Distance Rebeca is willing to travel:  Can drive to TX, OK, AK, and KS

*Will fly anywhere travel is provided.

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Past PWOC Executive Board Training Experience

Date / Installation / Position(s)

2015 – Ft Sam Houston – Teacher Training  – 2 different classes for Teachers and FIT
2013-2014 – JBLM  – Executive Board Training
2012 –  WILD Regional Training – Financial Liaison and Administrative Coordinator
2011 –  JBLM –  Complete Board Training
2010 – JBLM  –  Board Retreat and Training
*I have actively served PWOC for over 15 years and have been a traveling “PWOCI official trainer”… but I have also mentored, trained, and prayed with PWOC leaders around the world via Skype and phone calls. Having held all executive positions multiple times, I am happy to train individual positions but prefer to come together for at least part of the time to train and see how the “hands fit together” to lift up the body of Christ.  I have also been a worship leader for the last 10 years.

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Type of Trainer

President               Spiritual Life               Programs      
Financial Liaison                 Administrative Coordinator                 Any   X   

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Willing and able to be guest speaker:   YES   

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Sample Speaking topics:

PWOC Community – He calls, He chooses, He names
HIS Authority over our Community
Shepherding New Leaders – Intentional Discipleship
Building and Maintaining a God-filled Marriage
Our pursuit of God, His pursuit of Us (Worship related)
You are God’s Stained glass Masterpiece
Stay Connected: Deployment- Communication & Reintegration
*I feel comfortable tailoring a workshop to the needs of the body with sufficient time.