Where are the women in your communities?

In June of 2015, barna.com came out with these staggering statistics.  “In the early 1990s, only 30% of adults were un-churched, and that number steadily increased over the next decade, rising to 33% in 2003. The decade in our immediate hindsight shows an even larger increase—today, 45% of adults are un-churched in the U.S. and that trend shows no indication of slowing.”   Read more here

Most of us probably want our un-churched friends to come to PWOC, and that’s good.  But what if we need to consider other ways to reach them first, before we can get them to even consider PWOC.  This page is dedicated to just that. Tradition has it’s place…a good place….but if 45% of adults are truly “un-churched”, then we are not reaching those ladies as they come into buildings that look traditionally religious. We need to go to them or have them into our homes with the Gospel of Christ to establish relationships they’ve never had before.  After all, isn’t that what our Lord Jesus did consistently?  He didn’t hang out in the temple and wait for them to come to Him.  Neither should we. 

New Bible Study Companies

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Christianity Explored Ministries helps people meet Jesus in the pages of Scripture so that they will:
LOVE the good news – People are captivated by Christ and what he has done
LIVE the good news – People live lives that glorify God
TELL the good news – People communicate their faith in Jesus clearly and relevantly from the Bible

CEM publishes a range of materials to introduce Jesus Christ to those unfamiliar with his message.
Our aim is to support the local church in: Reaching those who don’t yet believe / Training believers in sharing their faith / Strengthening leaders’ confidence in the Bible as the Holy Spirit brings it to life.
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After fifteen years of being in Bible study, praying daily, and serving in my church, I still didn’t know how to live the Christian life. I didn’t know how to take God’s Word to heart and bring it to life in my walk with the Lord, within my marriage, with my children, and in my community. I desperately wanted to know how to live what I believed. I sought out women in my church who could mentor me. They loved the Lord, but they didn’t know how or didn’t have the tools to help me. I cried out to the Lord for years, asking for help. I waited patiently for the Lord—(well, the psalmist said he waited patiently, but me…not so patiently). Even though there were times when I wasn’t faithful, He was faithful and brought a mentor to me who cared about me and who obediently upheld God’s command in Titus 2 for the older women to teach the younger women how to love their husbands and their children. She cared enough to take the time to come alongside of me, open up God’s Word with me, and teach me how to know God in His Word. She taught me how to apply the Word so that I would be able to take it to heart and bring it to bear in my heart, in my life, and in all of my relationships.

My husband witnessed the transformation of my heart and my life and the impact it had upon our marriage and our family. He longed to see other women’s lives impacted in a similar fashion and envisioned women sitting in our living room being taught what the Lord had taught me. So he painted our living room pink, believing that the Lord would bring women for that very purpose. And the Lord brought the women!

Since that day, many mentoring and discipleship Bible studies have been written, many women have been mentored and gone on to mentor others. The Lord has formed an entire ministry from my original heart’s desire. We pray that the Lord answers the cry of your heart as He answered mine. Our passion and goal continues to be to help women take God’s Word to heart and bring it to life. May that be true of you!   Find out more here…


Evangelize Today desires to link with key organizations that are looking to “reinvent” and “refresh” their approach to evangelism. Evangelize Today provides support throughout the program with Vision Days, teaching and training seminars. 

Evangelize Today is a unique approach to sharing the Christian faith. Often, evangelism seminars are theoretical, rather than active. Christians often talk about evangelism instead of actually doing it. Evangelize Today allows participants to reflect on their own conversion process and then apply what they learned before they leave.
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Al Dayhoff D.Min.
Doctor of ministry from Covenant theological seminary in St Louis Mo.
Dissertation thesis” Confrontational monologue vs Relational Dialogue as it relates to the transfer of faith and the Image of God in all people”.( in otber words …dignity, respect, shifting from listening to reply to listening to hear”)
Executive Director of Evangelize Today: Currently has 20 ordained ministers in a ” Residency cohort”. Al guides his Residents in ” Researching their way back into the post christian world”.
Residency Values include:
1- Shifting from listening to Reply to listening to Hear.
2- Guarding the dignity of the speaker and Reciever.
3- Meeting the Resident where they are …not where we think he/she should be.
4- a ” research- introspection- relationship – communication ” metric.

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. . . because this life is a journey

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Life is not a sprint…it’s a marathon.”  That caution and encouragement makes a lot of sense, since most of us tend to waffle between a frantic pace and the inevitable collapse.  But, to be completely honest, most of us could probably complete the distance of a marathon in a few days, even if we had to do so limping at a snail’s pace.

The Christian’s journey with Jesus is more of a life-time hike, isn’t it?  He takes us up mountains where we can see the big picture of His plan, breathe the fresh air of His grace and intimate relationship, and renew our commitment to Christ for what’s ahead.  After all, we know there will be valleys and trenches when He takes